Rest In Peace Capt.Scarlett The Aussie/NZ community would have been a dull place without you

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Tactical, Team Orientated gaming with great blokes that love gaming - ZSU
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ZSU is a gaming community that originated back in 2008 with it's foundations in ARMA. Now we're a larger community of players who play a variety of games together with teamwork and coordination at our core.

Presently we have a strong presence in ARMA and Squad. While playing various other games casually.

While we have a number of players already mad keen on RS2: Vietnam, we're definitely keen to get some fresh blood into the mix with us.

Our plans are to encourage other clans to form so we can get some scrims and events going like we do with SQUAD and ARMA.

How to find us?

We're discord whores so always on discord
Discord cannibalized our forums but we still have a website and we force our new clan recruits to post an intro there.
Teamspeak - We only use this for ARMA missions these days so dont expect to find anyone here anymore, unless its a mission.
Facebook - yeah we have one

Come check us out, we're definitely keen to get some RS2:v blood into the mix.
01-06-2017, 07:28 PM

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