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ro2 crashing every damn time....
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A wise fellow came up with this fix. It seems to have done the trick for many of us experiencing this frustrating issue with our favourite game.

Originally posted by BFL MrTintin:
I have good news for you!
After many complains and cry, and TEARS, lot of tears, i've finally found a solution to our problem.
My RO2 game didn't work for months and I just saw that arma 3 doesn't work anymore on my computer.
When i wanted to go on server list, it "Crash", same issue in RO2.
It's not a problem with your Graphic card but with your Motherboard and "Killernet" program...
I have a MSI Motherboard and "Killer net"
All you you have to do is to go on MSI website and download Pilots for your Motherboard.
And go on "Killer Net" website.
Download the new file.

To Install the new Killer Net:
-Go to program=> desinstall the old file named "Qualcomm Atheros Killer Performance Suite"

Reboot your computer and run Killernet Installer.
And That's it.
I've done this and now i can play with Ultra settings, 120 FPS
I hope it will help you to =)
P.S: Please excuse my bad english
MrTintin, thank you so much, I was just so disapointed not te be able to play RO2, I downloaded last killer network drivers, uninstalled the old version, installed the new, now everything works perfectly, server browser do not crash anymore !
Un grand merci !!! Smile
27-12-2014, 06:52 PM

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