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my house AU
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OK basically I'm trying to get some peeps together to play Neotokyo, which is a stand alone mod for the Source engine (soon to get an official release on Steam, too, so if you have hipsterish tendencies get in now before it's cool). Basically it's a fast-paced tactical squad based shooter with Counterstrike's round mechanics (ie. no respawning). The key to good play is sticking together, communicating well, and making sure all your angles are covered. Standard mode of play is CTF, although there's only one flag and collecting it will limit you to either a wallhack or your secondary weapon. I haven't played it much due to the fact playing on yank servers with massive ping is shitty, but it seems enjoyable and may be of interest to those who like the more tactical FPSes.
More here at the official site:
Anyway if that description doesn't sound totally dickballs to you, the mod is free and there are two perennially empty - which I'd like to change - Aussie servers (with the NTAU prefix), so grab it from the official site. If installation is a problem make sure to install the Source SDK Base 2006 (go to View > Tools in your top menu bar). Then you can either hit me up on Steam or join the NTAU group and spam the comments thread there. If you're on the fence, try listening to the official soundtrack which is megaswag, available for free from the composer's Bandcamp.
Okes I'm done shilling now.
25-01-2013, 12:02 AM
Too Beaucoup
Geelong, VIC
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Is it like Call of Duty j/k
Watched some videos and it looks like it could be fun, I like the setting very similar to Ghost in the Shell, which hasn't had a decent game based on it in a long time. I will need Half Life Source to play this first, correct?
27-01-2013, 08:41 PM
my house AU
Posts: 30
Joined: Sep 2012
no it's more like Miner Wars 2081
Anyway no, it's stand alone - you just need the Source SDK Base 2006. The official site reckons this will install automatically but it didn't on my machine. Go to View > Tools like dis:

Then manually install. The game should work after that. If you work part-time like me the yank servers usually have a fair few people on in the mornings (although the ping is fucking appalling, which is why I'm trying to entice other antipodeans to play) so you can see what you think.
29-01-2013, 10:10 AM

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