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Remove Bridges from rotation
Anglesea AU
Posts: 22
Joined: Sep 2012
(23-05-2014 04:27 PM)Llama Wrote:  I'm the late to the party but I'd be outraged (yes you heard it - OUTRAGED!) if Bridges was removed from the rotation.

Yes, it can turn into a stalemate or a slaughter for the Allies, but if you're the Allies and you actually use teamwork to cap the points, it's so satisfying. Plus you have a tank giving you support. Use your smoke, your SL's and your grenades and you can cap the points. Plus I love the slow battles and the fun city area.

Thanks Harley for such a great map. I was quite happy when it was going to be included in the game as an official map. It's probably my favourite map.

P.S. whatever you do, do NOT add recon or rockets. It's bad enough with arty for the Germans. Smile

Thanks Llama!

haha I hate recon on any map tbh man. It's belongs in mw2 not ww2. (I might get that on a T-shirt Big Grin)

When the teams clicking and the push is tough yet moving, it's a lot of fun. Trouble is it mostly leans on the side of stalemate and frustration in it's current state so I agree that it should be pulled, until it's tweaked. Hopefully I don't break it the other way though, coz I remember and so will you guys,
when the very early iterations, way before it went official, would swing back and forth like crazy. Axis would get steam rolled then I'd change the smallest things and Allied would hit a wall. It's a real wild beast to control, being so big and all. But eventually it really came together and it would get right down to the wire on the last bridge a lot. It was a good time. It still had bugs and red walls of death haha but warts and all it was a good time. So yeah hopefully we can get it back to that point sooner rather than later.

ps. I think I have a version ready to test with you guys so I'll wait for Cat to return so I can make sure it's functioning the way it should server wise, before subjecting you to a possible fubar moment. Wink
23-05-2014, 06:50 PM
Posts: 215
Joined: Apr 2013
(23-05-2014 06:50 PM)11_Harley_11 Wrote:  ps. I think I have a version ready to test with you guys so I'll wait for Cat to return so I can make sure it's functioning the way it should server wise, before subjecting you to a possible fubar moment. Wink

Ha - we get fubar moments all the time when AusAnon tries to drive the tank or tell a joke<grin>
23-05-2014, 07:16 PM
Posts: 8
Joined: Apr 2014
Thanks Mr Harley, you have given me something to look forward to after a long day of work.
23-05-2014, 07:36 PM
Campbell Canberra AU
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Im back in Canberra around 4pm tomorrow.
23-05-2014, 09:02 PM
Posts: 178
Joined: Sep 2013
Cheers Harley, should make Bridges less of a chore for the attackers. It feels too easy defending on this map
24-05-2014, 12:45 AM
Tauranga, NZ
Posts: 76
Joined: Jun 2013
Good news, I think one of the main issues for Russians attacking it there just isn't enough cover for them to be able to move up, the German MG's can hang right back and really nail a team, I know as I've done it when German, it's so open that you need good squad leaders to use the smoke, issue here is unless regular players are SL, this doesn't happen. I know myelf, Actis and a few others get tired of playing SL or TL and just want to be a foot soldier, new players don't want to learn or take advice it seems.

Look forward though to testing a new tweaked version Harley.
24-05-2014, 12:15 PM
Anglesea AU
Posts: 22
Joined: Sep 2012
It sure can get old being a mobile spawn point all the time and I can understand why new players wouldn't want to do it.
My favorite role is rifleman on any map, by far.

For cover in the open fields anyway, I've always noticed that a lot of attackers don't stay low and use the ditches that run along side the road or the craters enough.
I guess it's too tempting to try and pick some Germans off in between moving but it's a recipe for disaster.
In a perfect world the only peeps that should be shooting are mg's from way back with a base of fire and snipers . Everyone else should be crouch running in the ditches or on their guts plowing the fields with their jolly rogers. Ouch.
24-05-2014, 05:32 PM
Code Monkey
Posts: 263
Joined: Jan 2013
I love SL. I get a good feeling knowing I'm being a spawn point, letting my team push to cap points. Also good to know someone competent is in the position.
Power to the llamas
24-05-2014, 05:54 PM
Anglesea AU
Posts: 22
Joined: Sep 2012
Bridges is on the server for tonight.

The next time it runs should be the updated version.


-One transport that cuts off after D and E are capped

- D and E are locked once taken

- small tweak of Bridge cap zone (very small tweak)

- Bakery named back to its original glory.

- Radio on Bridge is for both teams.

- Last Bridges name is fixed also.

- The Allied Markman being a SL was a hard one to fix as everything looked correct in the sdk. I've had to force delete some roles in order to break it out of the SL role. This may cause problems so keep an eye on any squad issues that may have arisen due to this. It's hard for me to test fully roles with bots.
24-05-2014, 07:45 PM
Anglesea AU
Posts: 22
Joined: Sep 2012
Looks like the Marksman edit did screw with the squads - I couldn't select squad 5's SL role? Can anyone confirm that?

I missed the first couple of caps so not sure how they went down exactly, but D E certainly moved quicker with the locked caps.
24-05-2014, 11:15 PM

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