"Stay the fuck at home." Samuel L. Jackson.

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(29-05-2021 03:07 PM)Geebus Wrote:  it is a shame how the community have almost gone but thats what happens when they said they are not going to support the game anymore hopefully a RO3 or somthing caan come around and revive some whats left of the community

I joined mostly for the RS1 game as you probably already know, the pacific was my jam. But if they make a RO3 ill come back, though i dunno if ill like it as much because again i was invested in the pacific theatre. Still i have fond memories of mameyev Kurgen and red october factory.

really crazy how aussie nz is gone though. just gone, i wonder what everyones up to.

Remember these? funnily enough they are being on servers over in europe. and its still get subscribers constantly. Some peeps might have hated on them but im pretty happy these almost abandoned uniforms were pulled out of the beta. the Ro2/RS modding community used to be 10/10 hahah i still stand by them being the correct uniforms and evidence all points to that

[Image: WGB-JI-03-SNLF-a.jpg?v=1575566012]
15-06-2021, 01:51 AM

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