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Hell Let Loose - Dairdubh - 12-06-2019 12:58 PM

Anyone have anything to say about this one?
Looks interesting, but then again so did Post Scriptum. PS left me feeling rather cold after the initial excitement.

RE: Hell Let Loose - Harry Flashman - 12-06-2019 03:35 PM

I'm playing it and I like it. Definitely shows it's early access at times though but the dev's seem to communicate quite well with the players and the roadmap for the future look's damn cool. I'd say its def worth the 42 odd bucks it is on steam.

RE: Hell Let Loose - Dairdubh - 12-06-2019 03:56 PM

Sweet! May well give it a go then. With early access I expect there to still be problems, is in the nature of it. But if the devs communicate well, and seem to take player feedback in to account then grand. Did 'closed' beta on RO2 and, well...response could be hit or miss.

RE: Hell Let Loose - crispy-9 - 14-06-2019 11:15 PM

I'm very interested too. Are there local servers? I can deal with early access if the game is populated with ok ping

RE: Hell Let Loose - Harry Flashman - 15-06-2019 12:59 AM

Yeh theres 4 official Aussie servers and 1 community server (BDgaming) at the moment. This evening 2 of the official servers were maxed at 100/100 and BD one was hovering at about 50 odd. I think it may still be on special at Green Man Gaming 20% off. Worth it I reckon. I'll stop shilling now.

RE: Hell Let Loose - crispy-9 - 16-06-2019 07:56 PM

Thanks Harry I'll check it out

RE: Hell Let Loose - kimjungillex - 17-06-2019 10:15 PM

Just as a precursor i have really enjoyed my 18 hrs thus far in Heck Let Loose.

What i like:
-Tank game play is fantastic when a part of a 3 man crew with clear direction and mission objectives, i personally prefer to play as Tank commander and sit in the commander seat to help direct the driver and gunner while also having 360 vision with the sights. With continued updates the smaller annoying aspects will only make it better in my opinion. at the moment the tank can get stuck on a few small models which can be a bit annoying.

- With clear command to SL communication the game plays extremely well with the flow and ebb of front lines and movement of Armour to react to thrusts by the opponent. Even when losing a retreating defense is still extremely fun.

- The Character and weapon models look fantastic.

- The gun play whilst not as fine tuned and responsive as Red Orchestra, is currently in a passable state with further patches and updates hopefully addressing a few of the problems.

- The three maps currently on offer are quite varied and mostly enjoyable, I love Hurtgen Forrest with its large tree groupings and the center of the map being a Siegfried line No Mans Land kind of struggle. Foy is fantastic, especially defending and attacking the Town of Foy itself. the final map on offer 'St Marie Du Mont' which is large paddocks with hedgerows and crashed gliders, it can create a lot of choke points and lead to some brutal amounts of carnage.

- i enjoy the current ease of returning back to the fight after dying, it isn't as easy as RO2 with spawning on squad leader, but it isn't as long as post scriptum or squad.

What i don't enjoy about the game thus far.

- The Net code stability can be highly questionable a lot of the time and at the edge of your View distance you can sometimes see enemy soldiers not smoothly moving across your view, but stutter across, making even an attempt at a shot impossible, also i notice a lot of rubber banding at certain points of the game which can really take away from the fun.

- The sound engine is just passable for weapons and such, also with no voice lines in the game at the moment it can feel quite sterile in game at times.

- I hate the current bolting of the Kar98k, it feels very jarring and janky in comparison to Red Orchestra's bolting.

- With there being 3 main Voice channels command, Squad and Local VOIP it can get quite hard to distinguish between the 3 and if it is an overly active command chat, i.e some old bugger takes 3 sentences to tell command a tactical update of the battle, your voice channels get flooded with an overload of information. i found this especially jarring when trying to command a tank and the command chat was in constant use. i would enjoy there to be 3 separate options to change levels of volume for the 3 voice channels.

All in all i am happy to have joined early access for this game as it has tickled my itch for a fun, gritty WW2 title.
Additionally next month the devs are adding a Normandy Landings map which looks like a tonne of fun!

RE: Hell Let Loose - crispy-9 - 21-06-2019 12:50 PM

I love it. For a early access it is already quite balanced. There is plenty of room for improvements however the game is definitely playable now. My biggest gripe is the squading up function and team selection with friends but hopefully they will fix that soon as well as insert a kill feed.

The graphics are great although I suspect optimisation may be an issue as at 1440p I'm sitting at 60-70 fps with a 1080ti on highest settings.

If the devs continue to support and patch the game it will end up been a very good title.

RE: Hell Let Loose - Dairdubh - 28-06-2019 06:49 PM

Played a bit, and so far so good.
Have been on the deck for the last 18 days or some damned thing, with lots of 10 hr turn arounds, so have have no time to game at all. Coupla days off now, so hopefully will be able to get back at it all.

RE: Hell Let Loose - Harry Flashman - 28-06-2019 09:53 PM

Don't let Kim medic you. He doesn't bulk bill and he can be very touchy sometimes.