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Where to get server maps?
Sydney AU
Posts: 5
Joined: Oct 2012
Hi folks, I'm new here. I recently bought RO2 HOS, completed the single player & now have started playing online.
I'm loving the AUSSIE NZ server as it's often populated, however I often have to wait long periods to download the maps on rotation before I can join. Is there somewhere that I can download the whole package to avoid this? I searched this site but was unable to find anything. I downloaded the RO2 cache extractor from here but not sure how to use it or if it's even what I need.
27-10-2012, 10:09 AM
Campbell Canberra AU
Posts: 1,408
Joined: Sep 2012
Hi Spa44owhawk,
There is a program you can get called the cahce extractor / map downloader.
Follow the install instruction as you need to install it as an admin on your PC for it to work correctly.
Once installed you just want to use the Download function which is the right side tab.  This lets you select from a number of servers that feed maps into this program.  At the moment the developer of that program is AWOL so the server redirect I put into the system, Texas Cat, is not functioning but there are three other servers in the Map Download Tab that seem to function fine.
It lets you select the maps you want and then it downloads them into a separate map folder on your PC.
There can be problems using this when it cmes time for map files to be updated.
For example if you download a map like Coldsteel through the downloader, as well as getting the main map file, ColdsteelB3 you will also get the additional files needed for that map.  The custom maps are regularly updated so if you happen to update that map by downloading through a game server it will copy the map to a different map folder and you will have two instances of Coldsteel which can confuse your game.
The problem is not with the main map file as it will be different because of the version B3 or B4 but the additional map files remain with the same name and this can confuse your RO2.
So use with caution and keep an eye on your map folders to see if there are duplicate instances of maps.
27-10-2012, 11:08 AM
Sydney AU
Posts: 5
Joined: Oct 2012
I appreciate the reply CatintheHat, however I do have this program installed already, and even though I installed it "as an administrator" it still comes up saying I need to be an administrator to use the download tab. So it just isn't functioning properly for me.
Is there anywhere else I can go to download the map pack that this server rotates?
27-10-2012, 11:37 PM
Sydney AU
Posts: 289
Joined: Sep 2012
I'm probably breaking old ground but have you tried running it as an administrator?
28-10-2012, 10:57 AM
Sydney AU
Posts: 5
Joined: Oct 2012
Actually spoonage, you're spot on. I had installed it as an administrator but not run it as one. Once I did that all was well.
Thanks for the help guys.
28-10-2012, 03:26 PM

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