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Mu Gia Pass
Posts: 43
Joined: Oct 2014
My new map is out if anyone wants to have a run around before it is hosted, links are there!
Content: **VNTE-Mu_Gia_Pass**
Version: 1.0
Direct Link:
INI Link:
SWS Link:
- new map!
- 2 bushranger and 1 transport - AU vs NLF this map uses a similar formula ie. cap zone/tickets/time supports dshk v.s helo as Ho Bo Woods
- please give feedback
- map is as close to a release quality as i can get it without play testers, please report any bugs ASAP as i can hotfix all week.
30-12-2019, 01:13 PM
Newcastle NSW
Posts: 66
Joined: Oct 2018
Been through it a few times and so far so good. Difficult, at least to attack, but who wants a doddle...
Did a walk through when server empty this morn, had an explore. Only thing that I can see so far are some combat area anomalies, or maybe it is just my late night wine addled brain thinking that there were some out of area moments that make no sense. Seems alpha is very funnelled, perhaps by design, but offers little latitude to flank. Other end of the map, I was able to quite easily - I know this is walk through and unopposed - go round the last cap and drop down into that cave system without having out of combat area things preventing me. Or at least with out the out of combat area countdown timer to death tripping.

Side note, the round today, maybe just after you left, we did make it past Delta. Got bogged down on the next 2 caps, but, oh well. Next time it came up in rotation, we didn't even take Alpha.

Good but difficult map. Keep it up!

Update - just did another walk through, and perhaps it was a bit of the wine talking in the original comments, but...

Given that it is meant to be a fight for a pass on the HCMT, it makes sense that the first cap is difficult to flank, and after that there is so much latitude to do so. The SE out of combat area countdown timer is I think a good thing in the sober light of day. It merely requires people to be quick to get through that, and then Alpha can be almost literally surrounded.

I do still think that perhaps a change with the entrances to the rear of Hotel might be in order. ie out of combat countdown timer. A quick SL would still be able to potentially drop down into the system if they wanted. Given that the cap can be taken by just being on top of it, I think perhaps making it difficult to get into for attackers might make it more challenging.

However, having never fought past Echo & Foxtrot when the server is populated, I may be talking absolute bollocks.
01-01-2020, 03:01 AM
Newcastle NSW
Posts: 66
Joined: Oct 2018
First go at defense today, and thought I would have a chance to just wander around from North perspective, but it turned into a mini-match with a couple of us there. Which I think was useful.
From a defense perspective, I like that can push forward a fair bit without being out of combat - allows for setting some advance defense positions.
I like the fact that as far as I could see, tunnel entrances are not marked for defenders, means one has to learn the damned map! Perfect. Though a bit frustrating as well, when one gets used to just having them automatically marked on the map for you.
As with my previous comments about Hotel, it does seem to0 easy for attackers to swing round and get into the entrances of the cave/tunnel system. Traps can of course mitigate this, but I got bounced once or twice - I think - while just trying to approach an entrance. There is one entrance, or what looks like an entrance, that it is possible to get stuck in. Can't go down, can't climb out. Perhaps this is a dummy to lure people in, and that is fine. Sorry I didn't get the location for you Cron, but will when I can in case it is something buggy.

Match started out 1 vs 2, then quickly 2 vs 2. Later back to 1 vs 2, until lockdown when it became 1 on 1. Successful if hairy sometimes defence.

Think this could become a fav map.
04-01-2020, 05:44 PM
Newcastle NSW
Posts: 66
Joined: Oct 2018
Attack again. 5 vs 5, and 6 vs 6. No commanders so no arty and apart from the first couple of minutes, no choppers. Fought through til the end, and though it was as difficult as I expected, the balance - at least as boots vs boots with nothing else, seems pretty damned good.
04-01-2020, 11:47 PM
gold coast AU
Posts: 389
Joined: Sep 2012
I have only played a couple of times and as commander, seems great I just had a difficult time locating radios. It will be fine I am sure after a few runs at the map. Another great map Cron.
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12-01-2020, 07:07 PM

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