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Donation status lapsed?
Flat Earth
Posts: 82
Joined: Jul 2017
Yes it's fixed thanks Cat. Guys just because you donated and you get a year is not it. It's a donation to keep the server going and to update CPU's so we get good game speed and less drop off. I donate about 5 to 7 times a year as I get a lot of fun from these servers. Cheaper than a big mac meal at $12.00.

[Image: needmoneytogetdrunk.jpg]
08-08-2019, 08:31 PM
Posts: 118
Joined: Aug 2015
i donate once a year maself all the more to fund cats world dom......i mean server maintenance
09-08-2019, 12:09 PM
Posts: 9
Joined: Nov 2014
Hmmm... I just got the same thing moments ago. I was fine yesterday, but right now, nope. I am trying to determine when I donated last to see if that is the cause.
01-10-2019, 10:57 PM
Airbase Alpha
Posts: 9,007
Joined: May 2013
yup expired yesterday marauder
02-10-2019, 04:26 PM

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