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What next? - Dairdubh - 16-04-2020 07:08 PM

Haven't been able to play in a few months because of, well, life.

Seems like things are pretty dead across the board. Yeah I am aware that there is a global pandemic, and that may be the root of a lot of this, but everything seems dead. One could expect a flourishing of gaming in these circumstances.

RS2 seems to have relatively few active servers. And where there are active servers, they seem to be overwhelmingly populated by sale purchase players. Fine, but the quality of play is not great.

HoS/RS is more dead than it was. Bar a few servers with a few people. Bit heartbreaking that.

Hell Let Loose is as clunky as it has always seemed to me - though they seem to be working on things. Is pretty damned quiet though.

Post Scriptum is much as it was. Great promise never fulfilled.

What are people playing right now? Personally am thinking of going back to H&D2 just for a bit of nostalgic fun.

Hope all are well

RE: What next? - PuRG3 - 17-04-2020 03:52 PM

ive been playing squad alot the last few months noticed a few of peeps that used to play on the RO2/Rs server

RE: What next? - Stringer Bell - 18-04-2020 12:22 AM

I play Squad too and also starting to get into Hunt: Showdown if that's your sort of thing

RE: What next? - Dairdubh - 27-04-2020 04:24 AM

Any good? Have never played Squad. Seem to recall hearing that Post Scriptum based on some Squad things, though I may well have got that wrong. Wasn't hugely impressed with PS, despite being quite keen for it early on

RE: What next? - PuRG3 - 28-04-2020 12:14 PM

it is i like squad
its like bf2s points of reality mod
but without flyabke planes yet choppers mbt lfvs techies
its funn